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In 1960, in the remote village of San Juanico, Mexico, Luisa and Juan Pedro welcome a son, their first child to survive birth. The Baja Peninsula where they live is one of the most remote places in North America. Roadless, unpopulated, isolated. The picture of poverty. Near the mountains and the sea, San Juanico is truly far from anywhere.

Sammy Gonzo spoke to Juan Pedro,

“I have no simple answers for you, but let’s think about it for a moment. San Juanico’s part of the Ejido. We desperately need more men from the Ejido to work on the new road to La Paz. Too many of the men we employ are migrants who come and go. Our Ejido workers tend to stay. Perhaps, if you help me, I could help you. I have a government contract to provide workers for the road project.”

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